Our team combines diverse and extensive theoretical knowledge together with practical experience.

With over 150 local qualified field engineers available for deployment, we are able to provide you with cost effective and outstanding service that delivers advanced technical and industrial know-how with the realities of working in the field.

Site Survey

Comprehensive site audits are carried out by our teams of field engineers to evaluate precise project needs. In addition to the technical requirements, the surveys are designed to assess issues of safety, security, accessibility, civil works and power supply to ensure effective logistics management and a successful project outcome.


Evaluation of the site survey results by our experienced planning consultants ensures we recommend the right integration solutions. As independent experts, we identify and advise you of realistic budget frameworks and project timelines.


The installation process is complete when the satellite system is commissioned and activated. Field engineers take a comprehensive managed approach that accounts for essential civil works such

as the antenna basement, running cables, equipment mounting, configuring modems and communication equipment and antenna pointing – selecting the right tools and equipment for each task.


Experienced engineers are available to integrate the satellite solutions with a range of software applications designed to meet your requirements. These include fleet management, cloud computing, wireless networks, IP networks LAN/WAN, VoIP, security and access control.


The full time presence of local field engineers enables clients to receive peace of mind with a range of maintenance options. We offer maintenance contracts with guaranteed and detailed SLA’s, providing both preventive and corrective visits. In addition, we can offer ad-hoc troubleshooting on a best efforts basis.